2017-2018 Northwest Parent Welcome Letter
Sherry Floss
Monday, July 31, 2017



Northwest is "The school for all seasons rooted in The Promise."  Our school wide goal for the 17-18 school year is to move toward more student-centered, student-led classrooms through implementation of research-based initiatives such as more technology/coding in the classrooms, alternative/flexible seating, and higher order questioning techniques in our new literacy and math programs.  Guided Reading with the use of Daily 5 Literacy Stations, Empowering Writers, and Orton-Gillingham trained teachers will make our new literacy program amazing!  Our Math Workshop with Guided Math Centers enables the teacher to address different learning styles and allows children to share their thinking both verbally and in writing.

Our mornings will begin with "Roadrunner Power Hour!"  The first half hour will focus on standards-based math instruction while the second half will intervene with focused literacy instruction.  

Keyboarding through Edutyping, Jr. begins in second grade and MobyMax is a supplemental, online program used for acceleration and intervention.  Both of these programs are accessible to the students at home as well as school.

Our 17 Classroom Garden Boxes are completed and beautiful.  A big thank you to our wonderful community for all the financial support and manual labor to bring this dream into fruition.  The students will be able to utilize them this year on a much larger scale through growing flowers and vegetables.

Our Reader's Theater and Outdoor Classroom are prepped and ready for literacy and math based activities beyond the perimeter of the classroom.