Holding Family Meetings
Holding Family Meetings
The Center for Parenting Education

Monday, November 13 2017

What is a Family Meeting?

Family meetings are discussions that involve all family members who are concerned about or affected by a particular issue. Often the topic relates to a problem that the family is experiencing, although family meetings can also be used to plan time together or to try to prevent problems from occurring. These meetings provide a time that members can focus on being a family.

 The Benefits/Purpose of Family Meetings

Because family meetings give everyone a voice, they build children’s self-esteem.The children are treated like values members of the family whose ideas are listened to and considered.

Forms of Family Meetings

Family meetings can take the form of one-time events or they may be held on a more regular basis. If your family meets regularly, your role initially will be to provide nonjudgmental leadership. Over time you may decide to rotate leadership. Invite everyone in the family who is concerned about or affected by a particular issue to participate.

Setting a Positive Tone

Family meetings are most effective and enthusiastically received if they do not occur only to handle crises or to distribute jobs and discipline.Other purposes may be to:

To add to a constructive atmosphere, you can: