Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) Packets

El Dorado School District was approved for up to five days of Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) by the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) for the 2019-2020 school year. 

Based on the standards set forth by the ADE, students must complete assignments in order to be considered "present" for the school day. EHS students will have access to all AMI packets through a link to on the school website. This link will direct students to a Google Drive folder, where assignments will be categorized by hallway (usually departments). These assignments will be labelled by class/teacher with day and instructions. 

If there is an inclement weather day or an emergency that requires school be closed, announcements will be made through the El Dorado School District by phone/website/social media/news outlets. Students will be instructed as to which AMI Day assignment to complete. For example, if school is closed for one day, students will complete the Day One assignments. If school is closed for two days, students will complete Day One and Day Two assignments.

AMI assignments for high school students should take approximately 30 minutes per class to complete. Upon return to school, students will submit assignments to their appropriate teacher's Google Classroom. In order to be "present" for the missed day, students must complete their assigned work AND turn it in to the teacher before they return or on the day they return. For example, if students miss school on a Monday and return to school on Tuesday, assignments should be submitted to school on Tuesday. In accordance with the district's make-up policy, students may have as many days as they missed to turn work in, i.e. school is closed Monday, students return Tuesday, make-up work is due by Wednesday to receive credit/be marked present.

AMI absences will count toward final exam exemptions.

More information can be found on the El Dorado School District website. If you have any questions regarding AMI, contact the main office. For individual assignments, contact the student's teacher directly through email or by calling the main office.