Welcome to Drama!

Courses Offered

El Dorado High School is proud to offer several courses to educate our students in the art of theatre.

In Theatre I, students will gain a general knowledge of theatre beginning with theatre history. Students will then write a one-act play on a subject matter that is important to them involving current events. In the third nine-weeks, we will create a scenic design and lighting plot for a play read in class. Finally, acting is introduced through short monologues and a unit on stage combat.

Theatre II is an all year acting intensive that results in a full play performed the second semester.

Theatre III will rotate between stage management and advertising and promotions the first semester. The second semester will focus on directing.

Stagecraft I is a two-semester course that introduces all of the technical aspects of theatre. Students will create scenic designs, lighting plots, make up designs, costume designs and sound plots to add to their individual portfolios.

Stagecraft II will focus on scenic design and lighting design for theatre. Students will select a play as a class and create a scenic design and scale model the first semester. Second semester, students will individually select a play and create a lighting design and plot and make short presentations for each.

Thespian Troupe 42

The International Thespian Society was established in 1929 in West Virginia.

Originally intended to be an honor society for high school students that show dedication to the performing arts, the Thespian Society gained recognition for also furthering theatre education. The Educational Theatre Association with the International Thespian Society create opportunities for theatre students across the globe to learn and love the performing and dramatic arts.

El Dorado High School has been a place where students thrive in the arts. Having a place where students have huge opportunity as well as feel comfortable has been a great advantage to Troupe 42. Established in 1936, Troupe 42 is one of the oldest still active Thespian troupes in the country.