Visual Art I, II, and III are studio art classes that are based on the Elements and Principles of Art. Each year art students are expected to grow in their understanding and development of art through projects, critique and creation of new ideas. There is a $20 art fee for these classes.

Art Appreciation is designed to meet the one-semester Fine Art requirement for graduation. Students learn about art with much less hands-on studio work. No art fee required.

3-D Studio- Students create sculptural works for one semester. A variety of sculptural mediums will be studied. There is a $20 art fee. 

Advanced Placement Studio Art-There are three portfolios that are rotated through. Drawing, 2-D Design and 3-D Design. 2017-18 school year will be 2-D Design. There is no prerequisite, but a strong drawing background is important for success. Student work is graded as a college level freshmen. There is a $50 art fee. Students will create approximately 40 original works.