This is a list of curriculum that the Kindergarten students learn during their Kindergarten year.

-We teach rules, procedures, social/emotional skills

-Kindergartners will learn the letters of the alphabet, their sounds, and how to form each letter (upper and lower case) 

-We do a program called OG (Orrin Gillingham) that teaches letter formation. During this we also start spelling simple words. 

-They learn to read using a program called Guided Reading where they are placed on a reading level and worked with in small groups. 

-50 sight words mastered by the end of the year (12-13 each 9 weeks)
-various reading skills are taught throughout the year based on standards based learning 

-Kindergartens learn how to count 0-100, by 10s, 5s and 1s. 

-We learn how to make each number and how to write each number 

-They learn how to add/subtract 0-10 throughout the year (this involves using different manipulatives and ways to find the answer) 

- Comparing Numbers

- different math skills are taught using standards based learning