Lori Bagley, Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Bagley is the first face you will see when you walk through Northwest's doors. She will be happy to assist you in anyway.

Teresa Cameron, School Nurse

Mrs. Cameron will be happy to help you with your child's medical needs. Please inform her of these needs.

Cynthia Chisholm, Math Instructional Facilitator

If your child is struggling with a math concept, Mrs. Chisholm is here to help.

Ali Hickman, Literacy Instructional Facilitator

Mrs. Hickman is here for your child if they are struggling with reading.

Crystal Knapp, Resource Teacher

Mrs. Knapp is the pull out resource teacher for our building. 

Allyn Lowry, Speech Therapist
Marla Hill, Speech Therapist

Mrs. Lowry and Mrs. Hill are our building speech therapists.