The Retta Brown Library is available to all students, parents, teachers and staff of Retta Brown Communications and Technology Academy. With an inventory of over 8,000 items; including books, videos, reference materials, and educational games, there is something for everyone.

The library has twelve networked computers that can be used for Accelerated Reader, STAR Reading, word processing and Internet.

Retta Brown Academy is now using an on-line version of Accelerated Reader called Renaissance Learning. Students can NOT take the reading test outside of the school, butparents can check student progress and learn more about the program at theRenaissance Home Connect site. Your child’s user name and password will be sent home in a special handout from Renaissance.

The Accelerated Reading Program is a fun way for students to read books for enjoyment, take a multiple choice quiz, receive a grade that is averaged into their supplemental reading grade on their report card, and WIN PRIZES. Based on the results of the STAR Reading Assessment students are given a reading range color that will help them select a book they can successfully read.