AMI- Alternative Methods of Instruction

Days 1-3

In the event of school closure, AMI lessons will be posted on Google Classroom.  Packets are available for students without internet access, but we strongly encourage keeping updated on Google Classroom for instruction and the most updated assignments. These assignments are ONLY to be done in the event of a school closure.  We will continue to keep you updated, and will update Google Classroom if that circumstance occurs.

Day 4 and forward

Assignments will be updated daily on Google Classroom as needed with instructional videos.  If lack of internet services do not allow for this instruction, alternative paper review packets have been dispensed and are available from the school office.

Google Classroom Link

Be sure to check each individual class you have, as each teacher will be posting, sharing, and giving feedback on assignments.

5th Grade AMI Packet Link for Days 1-3

6th Grade AMI Packet Link for Days 1-3