Fairy Tale Fever Winners
Fairy Tale Fever Winners
Washington Middle School
Thursday, November 02, 2017

After much deliberation, WMS has chosen the winners of Fairy Tale Fever!  These winners will attend a special reward field trip next week.  CONGRATULATIONS students! Your hard work during STEAM DAY paid off!

Boats: Guevara's Homeroom, Christina Turner's Homeroom, Christopher Perry (Mr. Edge's Homeroom Captain), Keaton Michaels (Mrs. Carelock's Homeroom Captain)

Pig House: Ms. Kozubski's Homeroom

Makey Makey Characters: Mary Clair Parker, Jill Stone, Jalaylah Hall

Kahoot Challenge: Mackenzie Kennebeck

Diorama: Riley Wilson, Fairyn Johnson

Puppet Show: Anna Clark, Shaniya Jones, Destiny White

Debate: Diana Obiozo, Kiera Dixon

Digital Puppet Show: Kayden Rucks, Brently Parker, Sharnesia Tate

Comic Strips: Aziah King, Cooper Conner

Castle: Miguel Ibarra, Tamarrionna Robinson, Malasia Easter, Taiyah Bledsoe

Jack and the Beanstalk: Maurice Carson, Tristin Willis, Madison Curry, Chase Shults

YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! All of our students worked so hard during our STEAM DAY we are so proud of what you guys did and can't wait to see what you do with our next BIG EVENT.

Our BIG EVENT has been the best! We couldn't have done it without the help of our amazing community. Thank you to all the volunteers and companies that allowed their workers to spend the day building with our kiddos!

Chad Harrell, Caleb Ebanks, Marco Horas, Jurgen Lugowski, Chris sauage, Michelle Johnson, Evelyn Escamilla, Nick Petty, Betty Tippet, Jared Smith, Jason Baker, Maria Morin, Julia Barton, Christa Maush, John Reynolds, Bill and Sindia Langford, Sandy Ralston, Brad Sullivan, Tyler Shepherd, Maria Harrell, David Rowen, Chris Babbitt, Olu Olayiwola, Katie Curry, Kristie Corley, Teresa Newsom, Patricia Bates, JoAnn Womack, Shelia Holland, Jonathan Holland, Renee Bearden, Nnicole Nelson, Sylvia Thompson

And thank you local companies and businesses! Chemutra, Lockheed Martin, Henderson State University STEM Center and ERZ, Southern Arkansas University, South Central Co-op, Chemours, Home Depot, Timmins Hardware, El Dorado Fire Department, Allen's Plumbing, West Side Baptist Church, College Ave. Church of Christ, South Arkansas Community College, Lion Oil Company, LANXESS

Thank you ALice Mahoney and Gary Sewell for the hay for our "river" and thank you El Dorado Education Foundation for the grant that funded 8 chromebooks and many building supplies.

Also thank you to our parent volunteers that helped with our store and paint station! 

Mr. and Mrs. Clark, Janet Finch, Nikki Barnes, Jo Ellen Colvin, Lucinda Merales, and Melanie Neugebauer!  You guys rock!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We could never pull this off without your help!!!