MISSter EHS 2018 Raises $2,500 for Arkansas Children's Hospital
MISSter EHS 2018 Raises $2,500 for Arkansas Children's Hospital
Taylon Steele
Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The 4th Annual MISSter EHS pageant, sponsored by Student Council and Key Club, was held on February 3rd.

Senior boys signed up to participate in the pageant as contestants, while senior girls provided the entertainment. Student Council and Key Club members helped with backstage support. All proceeds were donated to Arkansas Children's Hospital. This year, they donated $2,500.

For several weeks, the group worked hard to make the pageant a success. They performed to a sold-out crowd and did an excellent job!

Seniors boys who participated were Evan Chandler, Bryan Lacy, Peyton Perry, Clayton Bolding, Micah Haney, Zac McClelland, Keynan Roach, Brennan Smith, Kentravious Moore (KMart), Daniel Johnson, Griffin Reed, Donavan Waller, Buck McKnight, Garrett Jeans, Matthew Bartlett, Nick Sorrells, Zach Morgan, and Noah Gaul.

The 2018 MISSter EHS is Miss Mabel Sheldysun (Clayton Bolding) and First Runner Up is Miss Violet Tendencies (Buck McKnight). People’s Choice went to Miss Kardi J (Keynan Roach).

Special thanks to Mr. Sanders and Mr. Bauldree for sponsoring the event!

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