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El Dorado High School
4 days ago

#FanFriday #WildcatFanoftheWeek Meet Jonathan Hill! Nominated by his sister, it's pretty evident to see that Jon is a true Wildcat fan! Jon absolutely loves Wildcat football and attending games. During halftime, he can be found in the stands breaking out his best dance moves, including the robot! His sister said, "It makes me so happy when I see my brother with the biggest smile on his face, like he just won the lottery, when we walk into that stadium. You won't find a bigger fan than this guy!" Thanks, Jon, for loving the Wildcats! Think you know someone who should be recognized as our Wildcat Fan of the Week?! Submit their info here: https://goo.gl/forms/6FYCONheu6TXzygM2

El Dorado High School
7 days ago

#TeacherTuesday Meet Mrs. Parker! Angie Parker has worked at EHS the last eleven years in the science department. She teaches Pre-AP/AP Biology. Mrs. Parker believes that it's important to "let students know you care and be consistent and fair." She still gets nervous on the first day of school, but always gives homework to set the tone for how the year will go. Mrs. Parker loves when a class has perfect attendance and shows her school spirit by participating in College Shirt Wednesdays. Most would be surprised to discover that Mrs. Parker had a "subpar GPA in high school AND in college" and is pretty good at playing poker and dancing. She's inspired by her family and students and dreams of taking her family on an Alaskan cruise. What's Mrs. Parker's favorite quote? "I would rather walk with a friend in the darkness than alone in the light." Sounds just like a Gryffindor!

El Dorado High School
10 days ago

The Wildcat Tennis Team hosted a free tennis camp for the Boys and Girls Club this week. Around 40 kids attended the camp where they learned tennis basics and practice drills. Coach Thomas hopes to continue the partnership: "The team had a blast, and I think the kids did, too. It's a great opportunity for the team to give back and build a sense of community. Plus, the more young kids we can expose to tennis, the more they'll see it as an option when they get to high school. We've got 32 kids on the team this year, with some that have never played on an organized school team before this year. They've been working hard, and I'm excited to see what they do come August." Way to go, Tennis Cats!

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