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El Dorado School District

El Dorado School District
6 days ago

New locations have been added for School Meal Service delivery that resumes tomorrow. Please note these new locations and the times for delivery.

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El Dorado School District

El Dorado School District
11 days ago

Watch this message from Superintendent Jim Tucker regarding the COVID-19 quarantine and services being provided by the ESD.

Hugh Goodwin

Hugh Goodwin
20 days ago

In adherence with the CDC’s recommendations, El Dorado Schools will remain open unless a confirmed case of COVID-19 becomes present in our area. It is important to know that the El Dorado School District cannot make the decision to close. The decision is made by the Arkansas Department of Health and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. In the event that this happens and our schools have to close, we have sent home AMI information with our students today. Please keep this information in a safe place. You may also access this information from our website under the Student section of the Menu. AMI packets are only to be done in the event of school closures. If our schools close, we will post that information to our website and social media pages. Please follow El Dorado School District and download our mobile app to get the most up to date information.

Hugh Goodwin

Hugh Goodwin
26 days ago

Spring Break

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Apr 2
Apr 10

Event: Easter Break
Fri, Apr 10 - Mon, Apr 13

Apr 23

Event: 4th Grade ACT Aspire STATE Test
Thu, Apr 23 - Wed, Apr 29

Apr 30

Event: 3rd Grade ACT Aspire STATE Test
Thu, Apr 30 - Wed, May 6

May 6

Event: 4th Grade Seaworld Trip
Wed, May 6 - Fri, May 8