Yocum joins Washington Middle School for Arcade coding games

11 December 2018, posted by Brooke Sneed

ABC Boot Camp

04 October 2018, posted by Brooke Sneed

Holding Family Meetings

13 November 2017, posted by The Center for Parenting Education

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Yocum Elementary
10 months ago

Hero of the week Stacy Gulick Mrs. Gulick's favorite color is blue. Her favorite subject in school was science. Her favorite food is fajitas and her favorite snack is Chex Mix! She wanted to be a teacher when she grew up. She was inspired by teachers that made school a fun place to be! She teaches 2nd grade. Mrs. Gulick has taught in El Dorado School District for 30 years!

Yocum Elementary
14 days ago

Take the challenge!! Summer reading challenge!! Look at all the fun places to read!! Post pictures of places you are reading in the thread!!! ❤️

Yocum Elementary
14 days ago

Don’t forget you can take AR test this summer!!

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