students sitting in hallway listening to instruction

Our  Primary and Elementary schools both follow behavior and social expectations spelled out through the word BEARS. B is for Be Responsible, E is for Empathize, A is Achieve, R is for Respect All, and S is for Show Citizenship. We use these reminders throughout each building to help keep our students and staff safe and orderly during the day!

Our 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students enjoyed "Yocum City" an interactive day spent learning the expectations in their building! They had a city map and explored different locations all over the school to practice the expectations that follow our BEARS Path to Success. Hugg and Hall generously donated some construction equipment for the day so that our students could explore different vehicles used in the construction process. We are so thankful for our community partners! You can view pictures from "Yocum city" by clicking here.

At both schools, students who are following our BEARS expectations can earn a BEAR buck from any staff member! They can then use their BEAR bucks to shop at the BEAR store!