Blended Fridays

The El Dorado School District will offer blended learning days for all students grades K-12 on Fridays each week, beginning Friday, October 9.  

“Blended Fridays” give parents/students the option of learning from home or school. Students who choose to learn from home on Fridays will NOT be counted absent. Instruction on blended Fridays will be 100% virtual for both students at home and those who choose to come on campus. These Fridays will be used as make-up and remediation days for teachers and students. There will be no new content taught or major assessments given. 

“Blended Fridays” is being implemented for several reasons. The state is experiencing a shortage of substitute teachers and the need for substitutes is more prevalent on Fridays.  Additionally, this new schedule will allow our custodial team extra time to disinfect areas of the building. Most importantly, this schedule will give our teachers the much needed time to develop lesson plans, videos and assessments for both online and on-site students and subsequently provide quality instruction for every student.  





Onsite Learning (students continue to come to school in person)



Blended Learning from home (students can login to Google Classroom)


Come to school in person to complete virtual work on campus.

Breakfast and lunch will be served.