DROP OFF CHANGES FOR elementary schools

We would like to thank all of our elementary school parents and students for your patience and understanding with our car-line only pick-ups and drop-offs during this first semester. We are pleased to announce that beginning January 5, parents will be able to walk up to the school to drop their child off or pick up their child each day.

Parents/Guardians will need to adhere to the following guidelines for parking and walking up to drop-off or pick-up:

  • Practice physical distancing, remaining at least 6 feet apart from other students/parents.

  • Wear a mask.

  • Parents/Guardians will not be allowed to enter the school. 

Each school has specific guidelines that need to be reviewed and followed to ensure the safety of all students and staff. Please read below for these details from each school and contact the school if you have any questions.



  • Parents may utilize the car line in front of the school on College Avenue.

  • Parents may park in the gravel parking lot across from the Office entrance and walk their children across the street.


  • Parents/Guardians should park in the gravel parking lot across from the Office entrance. 

  • Cross at the crosswalk and walk on the sidewalk along the fenced area near the car line on College Avenue. 

  • Please stand 6 feet apart on the painted dots and wait for students to come to you.

  • Parents should park in the parking lot on west cedar and walk around to the front of the building. 

  • Parents should stand on the dots marked 6 feet apart near the dismissal doors. 

  • For safety of students and flow of traffic, please do not park in the school driveway and walk through the car line. 

  • Do not block the bus lane or driveways to neighborhood houses. 



  • Parents can park and walk students across the street and the HG drive

  • If you are driving through, please pull all the way to the end to let out your child out


  • Parents/Guardians will be allowed to walk up toward the school, but must wait in the grassy area across from his/her student’s grade level bench until students exit the building. 

  • Parents can only walk across the HG drive when his/her student(s) exit the building.

Please note the following guidelines:

  • Practice social distancing and wear a mask when waiting

  • Teachers will not walk students across the drive to walk-up parents

  • Students will not be allowed to cross traffic without his/her parent

  • Do not block the bus lane

  • RIGHT TURN only out of drive



  • To walk up, park in the school parking lot and walk across the parking lot and bus lane to drop-off students.

  • Parents will need to walk their students across the bus lane to the sidewalk leading up to the front doors. Parents may not enter the school building.

  • Parents may also continue to utilize the drop-off line in front of the school.

  • Please do not park across the street and try to cross at the crosswalk. The traffic is too heavy to allow safe crossing.


  • Parents can walk across the bus lane and wait on the sidewalk and near the fence on the north side of the building. Dots will be positioned on the sidewalk to indicate social distancing.

  • Parents/Guardians cannot park across the street from the school and use the crosswalk. The traffic is too heavy to allow safe crossing.

  • Parents may also continue to utilize the car pick-up line in front of the school.