Kindergarten and 1st graders stand on the road with an American flag.

Our Kindergarten and 1st graders hosted a Celebrate Freedom Parade for our 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders. This parade kicked off our Celebrate Freedom Week, which was September 26th-30th. During Celebrate Freedom Week, students learn about the Constitution and the freedoms offered to them in the United States of America. In the parade, each Kindergarten and 1st grade class represented a different icon of the United States.

Ms. Cullum - Uncle Sam
Mrs. Shepherd - Armed Forces
Ms. McDuffie - Great Seal of the United States
Ms. Merrill - Football/Cheerleaders
Ms. Staes - Hollywood
Mrs. White - Liberty Bell
Mrs. Laird - American Flag
Mrs. Williams - Statue of Liberty

First Grade
Ms. Morgan - Texas Cowboy
Ms. Lee - Disney World
Ms. Fife - Baseball
Mrs. Ibert - 50 States
Ms. Green - Rose
Mrs. Norman - Mount Rushmore
Mrs. Orr - Eagle

For more pictures from the parade, you can view our Facebook album here.