A photo of Mrs. Nanette Darden.

Nanette Darden

In the area of counseling at Hugh Goodwin Elementary, our mission is to address the personal, social, and academic needs of each child. These needs are addressed in a variety of ways, such as group and individual counseling, classroom guidance lessons, and positive recognition of students, all of which will contribute to the success of each of our students.

Seed Digging lesson with 3rd grade classes

Seed Digging is a compassionate approach that blends evidence-based counseling models and techniques together in a simple language to help individuals understand how emotional and behavioral issues develop and how to overcome them. Seed Digging uses a garden analogy to explain how negative and positive thoughts (seeds) can deeply impact emotions and behaviors; through simple strategies, negative seeds can be "uprooted" and replaced with positive ones through building self-confidence, love and inner healing connection.

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4th grade Champs