2nd Grade Archery

Gators enjoying TWOSDAY in P.E.

Coach Blackburn & 2nd grade students College Day "GO HOGS GO!!"

Mrs. Lester's Class enjoying a great day outside at P.E. time.


Coach Billy Blackburn, P. E.

Coach Favorite Time of the Year is Spring for School Wide Field Day

All students will attend Physical Education class once a week during their activity time.

P. E. Units

1. Archery Unit (2nd, 3rd & 4th Grade)

2. Badminton Unit

3. Basketball Unit

4. Fitness Testing

5. Dodge Ball Unit

6. Jump Rope Unit

7. Soccer Unit

8. Golf (Kindergarten)

9. Ultimate Football Unit

10. Variety of Relay Games

4th Grade Tug-of-War

May 20, 2022---4th Grade Tug-of-War


Coach Blackburn being a mentor to a Kindergarten student

Kindergarten Spring Golf Unit

Rainy Day Recess under the Pavilion