Second Grade

In second grade, students are expected to develop and master a variety of academic skills across different subjects.
Here are some key areas of focus:

Reading: Second graders should be able to read and understand a range of texts with increasing complexity. They are expected to improve their fluency, decoding skills, and comprehension.

Writing: Students are encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas through writing. They should be able to form complete sentences, use proper grammar and punctuation, and begin structuring paragraphs. They will work on narrative, informative, and persuasive writing tasks.

Mathematics: Second graders build on foundational math skills and progress to more advanced concepts. They learn addition and subtraction facts, place value, measurement, time, money, shapes, and basic fractions. They also work on solving a variety of word problems.

Second grade uses the Standards-Based Reporting for report cards and progress reports to help parents understand how their student is progressing. 

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Second Grade Team

Second Grade Teachers

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