AP Courses & Consistent College Credit

A set of guidelines has been established by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education Coordinating Board that institutions in the state must follow in awarding credit for Advanced Placement exams. 

These guidelines will be used by institutions for entering freshmen in the fall 2018 semester.

Institutions will award credit to students who score a three (3) or higher on any Advanced Placement (AP) exam.

Credit awarded for any AP exam must be applied to the student’s transcript and, where appropriate, reduce the total number of required degree hours accordingly by either directly satisfying degree or elective requirements.

ACTS courses have been assigned to relevant exams to increase transferability. AP exams without a corresponding ACTS course will be awarded at the discretion of the institution. 

If in the best interest of the student, institutions may award a higher level course for a score of (3).

Institutions may choose to award additional credit for scores of four (4) or five (5) on an exam. The transferability of the credit awarded is at the discretion of the transfer institution.

Institutions may award additional credit for prerequisite courses when credit is awarded for a higher level sequenced course.

No course credit may be awarded for an AP exam score below a three (3). 

Institutions are not required to award credit for an AP exam if the institution does not offer the corresponding ACTS course.

For any questions related to your AP courses, please contact your AP teacher or Director of Special Programs Bonnie Haynie at 870-864-5066.