The El Dorado School District ESOL program is to provide support and instruction to English learners in English proficiency, cultural awareness and academic development, which will empower them to be successful in the mainstream classroom,school and community.


The El Dorado School District believes:

  • Effective education of every ELL is the responsibility of all educational personnel.

  • Effective education requires that excellent English Language Development (ELD) and supplemental services are rendered to EL students.

  • Effective programs for ELL students respect and celebrate all students’ native languages in the contexts of both school and community.


  • To assess all students who have a primary home language other than English

  • To implement and maintain consistent procedures for the EL identification process

  • To provide high-quality instruction with trained teachers supported by ESOL staff

  • To guide students towards proficiency in all four domains of English language acquisition (reading, writing, speaking, and listening)

  • To provide professional development opportunities to all teachers, principals, administrators, and school staff in order to enhance the district’s ability to best serve ELs

  • To work within the district to ensure that ELs have equitable access to all district programs

  • To provide and encourage parental involvement.

  • To use state-mandated criteria for exiting students from the ESOL program

  • To monitor the progress of all EL’s during and after program participation

  • To evaluate the ESOL program in a timely manner and make necessary modifications

  • To maintain accurate and meaningful student records

  • To be in compliance with Title III and district, state, and federal laws

Visit the El Dorado School District ELL website for additional information and resources.

ESOL Staff

505 Dixie Drive
(870) 864-5081 ext. 8007

Heather Jennings
ESOL Director
Email Mrs. Jennings

Isaura Rivera
Spanish Interpreter
Email Ms. Isaura

Jose Sandoval
Spanish Interpreter
Email Mr. Sandoval


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