Murmil Education Center, located in Murmil Heights, offers an array of programs to benefit students who might better succeed in a smaller, more structured classroom environment.

The Alternative Learning Environment (ALE) program uses real-world, hands-on experience to assist students who are referred for academic, behavioral, or social issues from their home school for 9 weeks or more. Students continue learning the curriculum for their appropriate grade level while ALE teachers use positive interventions to incorporate instruction in coping skills, life skills, and character education.

Junior high and high school students who attend the ALE program incorporate hands-on projects like woodworking, gardening, and animal care into their daily learning. They also participate in community service projects to help learn the importance of caring for their neighbors and the environment. Students in grades K-6 who attend ALE adopt animals like rabbits and chickens to care for as part of their project-based learning. The goal of the ALE program is to provide academic and life skills for students so they may eventually return to the regular classroom or graduate from ALE with the skills necessary to become productive citizens.

Other programs at Murmil Education Center include:

Elementary In-School Suspension (ISS) for students in grades K-4 who have minor behavior issues. ISS is a short-term program that allows students to continue schooling while receiving behavioral intervention.

Access Academy for students in grades 5-8 with minor behavior issues. This short-term program utilizes the A+ computer program so that students can keep up with their classwork while receiving the behavioral intervention.

Behavior Intervention Center is for high school students who need up to 19 days of intervention. This allows students to avoid suspension and continue with the classwork utilizing the A+ computer program.

Murmil Education Center
2000 Ripley Avenue
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Kasey Porchia
Director of Alternative Education

Carlos Caver
Assistant Director of Alternative Education

Ashley Robinson
Office Manager