The El Dorado Public Schools recognize that the ultimate goal of education is to prepare each student to become a valuable, productive citizen in a rapidly changing world. A guidance program is most effective when it is a cooperative enterprise that includes the child, parents, teachers, school administration, and community; when it is developmental, preventive and remedial; and when it includes specific guidance experiences as an integral part of the student's educational process.

The K-12 guidance program is primarily a developmental program with the main focus being preventative in nature. Such a program helps the student cope with external pressures, develop positive attitudes toward self, work and other individuals; and utilize the educational program to achieve his/her potential.


Counselors conduct classroom and small group discussions to help students develop skills of communication and the ability to understand themselves and others. They help students develop skills for thinking and solving problems, set positive goals, exercise self-responsibility, and improve academic progress. Counselors also provide support during personal crises for students and assist with intervention and remediation during specific difficulties.

Counselors consult with parents in regard to social, emotional, and educational concerns experienced by their children. They help teachers plan activities and programs for individual growth and classroom management. They also consult with administrators in regard to policies, curriculum, and procedures affecting the needs and development of students.

Counselors help coordinate many activities such as orientation for new students, school-wide testing, career awareness and personalized programs, parenting classes, and classroom guidance.

For more information, contact the Director of Counseling Services of the El Dorado Public Schools at 870-864-5100.