For more information on Professional Development & Training opportunities, contact:


Director of Special Programs

(870) 864-5006


Minimum Annual Requirements

Each educator shall obtain a minimum of thirty-six (36) hours of professional development annually for the renewal of an educator’s license.  Educators include licensed employees as well as individuals who are pursuing licensure through a non-traditional licensure program or individuals who are working under an Act 1240 waiver.

Professional Development Records

All educators are expected to keep their professional development records for a minimum of five years.  If an educator transfers to another school district, it is the educator’s responsibility to take their personal professional development records to the new school district.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Certificates received at professional development workshops, including workshops from:

    • El Dorado School District

    • escWorks (Education Cooperatives)

    • AR IDEAS

  • PD Documentation Form for training which did not provide a certificate.  Attach a copy of the agenda to the PD Documentation Form.  (This form is NOT required if the participant received a certificate.)

  • PD Verification Form

Verification of Annual Professional Development

All educators in the El Dorado School District must verify a minimum of 36 hours of professional development annually on the PD Verification Form.  

Make two copies of the PD Verification Form:

  1. Submit one copy to your principal/supervisor no later than May 1 annually.

  2. Keep a copy for your personal records and attach documentation (certificates, agendas, etc.) verifying participation and attendance.  Keep your personal records for a minimum of five years.

NOTE:  Any questions regarding an educator’s professional development records will be directed to the educator.  Please maintain accurate records to ensure your ability to renew/obtain your teaching license or verify attendance in mandated training.

Quick Links

Click on the hyperlinks below for commonly requested professional development links.

El Dorado School District PD Plan

For complete information regarding professional development requirements and district/school initiatives.

PD Plan

PD Documentation Form

For participants to document participation in workshops outside of the El Dorado School District (along with agenda or certificate)

PD Documentation Form

Do not complete this form if participant has a certificate from escWorks or AR Ideas.

Annual Verification Form

Submit to building principal/ supervisor annually no later than May 1 each year 

Principals/supervisors will forward all forms to central office by May 15 annually

PD Verification Form

PD Summer Calendar

To provide employees with PD dates in the ESD

PD Calendar

escWorks Calendar

To register for a session through the South Central Service Cooperative or other regional cooperatives

escWorks Calendar 

Arkansas Ideas

To register or complete professional development virtually

Arkansas IDEAS