Bus Riders: Watch for Route Numbers

In an effort to cut down on any confusion for our bus riders, the transportation department has outfitted each bus with a Route number this year. Riders don't have to worry now about what their bus looks like or what numbers are on it - they'll just need to look for the purple sign with the white route number on the front and side of each bus. As long as the bus has your rider's route number on it, then it will get them to school and back home safely.

According to Transportation Director John Thompson, "Sometimes we have to switch out buses for maintenance or field trips and this can cause confusion, especially for some of our younger students. With the new route numbering system, we hope to make students and parents more confident that they are getting on the correct bus(es) each day."

The bus route numbers can be seen in the photos below. Click here to see the bus routes for this year, then be on the lookout for your route number each day, starting August 13.