Murphy Education Program Awards Student Success

For 22 years, the Murphy Education Program has generously awarded El Dorado students for their academic achievements and this year was no exception!

Since August, Murphy Oil, the sponsor and administrator of the Murphy Education Program (MEP), has given over $214,500 with 841 awards. Through the MEP, students can receive awards in the first, fourth, sixth, and eighth grades for their scores on the end of year benchmark exams. High school students receive awards for their scores on their AP exams, the ACT and SAT, and for maintaining a high (3.75) GPA through their high school tenure.

For more information on the Murphy Education Program and Murphy Oil's commitment to education, check out their website at

Congratulations to all of our students who received these awards! Keep up the great work!

Fifty-nine 1st graders received $1,000 for scoring in the 85th percentile on their end of year exams. $500 was awarded at a ceremony in August, while the remainder was placed in an interest bearing account for them to receive, with the interest, upon their graduation from El Dorado High School.

El Dorado High School students received 391 awards, totaling $117,550 for their scores on the AP exams, ACT, and SAT.

122 EHS Freshmen received a $200 award for scoring proficient or advanced on the 8th grade ACT Aspire.

Murphy gave academic letterman jackets (or patches) to 43 seniors who have maintained a 3.75 GPA.

A $150 award was given to 99 Barton Junior High 7th graders for their scores on the 6th grade benchmark exam.

Over 100 Washington Middle School 5th graders received a $100 award for their 4th grade benchmark exam scores.