Winners of the Union County Math Contest

The 8th Annual Martha E. Deichler Memorial Union County Math Contest was held Saturday, January 25 at El Dorado High School. One hundred sixty-nine (169) students from six (6) Union County Schools participated in the contest for 6th through 12th graders.


The Deichler family and Mustard Seed Wealth Management sponsored this year’s event providing cash prizes, medallions, and door prizes. General Mills and Kellogg’s also sponsored the event providing snacks for the competitors and volunteers.


Winners include:


Calculus II:

1st place – Zander Jones, El Dorado High

2nd place – Aidan Price, El Dorado High

3rd place – Scott Ratchford, El Dorado High

Honorable Mention – Jansen Shaffer, El Dorado High


Calculus I: 

1st place – Jadon Cunningham, El Dorado High

2nd place – Micah Smith, Smackover High

3rd place – Tanecia Boone, El Dorado High

Honorable Mention – Doug Bartlett, El Dorado High



1st place – Abby Bounds, Smackover High

2nd place – Trevor Pyron, Smackover High

3rd place – Bailey Rivers, Smackover High

Honorable Mention – Jack Surbrook, Smackover High



1st place – Alaina Nolden, El Dorado High


Algebra II:

1st place – Robert Boerwinkle, El Dorado High

2nd place – Kaylee Armstrong, Smackover High

3rd place – Calvin Huang, El Dorado High

Honorable Mentions – from El Dorado High: Kendralyn Henry and Benny Williams; from Smackover High: Anna Morgan, Skyllar Tanner, and Anna Grace Crutchfield



1st place – John Stipp-Bethune, El Dorado High

2nd place – Levi Shaffer, El Dorado High

3rd place – Anna Dixon, Smackover High

Honorable Mention – Kieran Obiozo, El Dorado High



Algebra I:

1st place – Jill Stone, Barton Junior High

2nd place – Mattie Nash, Barton Junior High

3rd place – Simeon Stipp-Bethune, Barton Junior High

Honorable Mentions – from Strong High: Kasey Graves; from Barton Junior High: Patricia Burns


8th grade Math:

1st place – Grace Williamson, Barton Junior High

2nd place – Rashell Austion, Barton Junior High

3rd place – Diana Obiozo, Barton Junior High

Honorable Mentions – from Barton Junior High: Jonah Davis, Josh Malin, and Jacob Neugebauer


7th grade Math:

1st place – Cecile Cerisier, Barton Junior High

2nd place – Nathan Woollen, Barton Junior High

3rd plalce – William Obiozo, Barton Junior High

Honorable Mentions: from Barton Junior High: Isaac Stell and Sebastian Marquez


6th grade Math:

1st place – Paxton Strong, Washington Middle

2nd place – Richard Lemley, Washington Middle

3rd place – Maryana Woollen, Washington Middle

Honorable Mentions – from Parkers Chapel: Brayden Bussey; from Washington Middle: Joseph Potts


Cash awards in each category are:

1st place - $100

2nd place - $75

3rd place - $50

Honorable Mentions - $25