ESD Highlights the September Honorees for Teacher, Student, and Classified Employee of the Month

Congratulations to the El Dorado School District September Honorees from El Dorado High School.

Student of the Month is Reginal Allen (RJ) Thomas, Jr.

RJ is the son of Reginal and Kimberly Thomas.  He is a senior, a  member of the Student Council, National Honor Society, Steering Committee, a varsity football player, and a varsity soccer player, all while maintaining a 3.7 GPA.  

Varsity Head Coach Steven Jones said:  RJ Thomas is a coach’s dream. He is a natural leader. He goes above and beyond in the classroom and on the field. He is a role model for his teammates. I am very excited to see what he will do after graduation as he has a solid foundation to become successful in whatever he chooses! He is a wonderful young man with a great personality!

Coach Matthew Nash said:  RJ is a dream student-athlete, he is the type of player that you only have to tell him something once and he just gets it! 

Mrs. Virden said:  RJ works hard along with being focused and determined to accomplish the work set forth for him. He is very kind and respectful to his classmates and teachers. I am very glad I get the opportunity to have him in my class.

Mrs. Antoon said: RJ truly brings joy and energy into his classes. RJ holds himself and his friends accountable, but also is positive and good-natured! I love having him as a student!

Mrs. Hill said:   RJ is one of my favorite students to see around campus.  He smiles and is friendly to everyone.  He is polite, but also has a great sense of humor!  He is also such a well-rounded student.  From the time he was at Barton and in both musicals produced while he was there, to student organizations, to multiple sports, RJ has taken full advantage of almost everything offered at school.  This should help him as he moves into college as he will have many experiences to draw from.  These experiences have also afforded him the opportunity to make friends among many different groups of students and he is accepted and enjoyed by all!  From 7th grade until today, I have never heard teachers or students have anything but positive comments to make about RJ.  While I am excited that he is a senior and looking forward to what his future holds, I am also sad that this is the last year we will have his positivity on campus.  EHS, and in fact, the world needs more RJs around!  RJ is excited about attending college next year and is still pursuing his options before making a selection. The EHS staff and student body are very pleased that RJ Thomas was selected ESD Student of the Month!

RJ Thomas, Student of the Month

RJ Thomas, September Student of the Month

Classified Employee of the Month is Brecken Perry. 

This is Brecken’s 15th year in the ESD at two schools, Barton and EHS.  She is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Monticello with a degree in communications.  She is married to Coach Scot Perry, is the bonus mom to two EHS graduates, Joshua and Peyton, and is a very happy BayBay to Miss Magnolia Jane Perry!  She loves to garden and loves the outdoors, especially the beach!

Several staff members had the following things to say about Brecken:
  • Brecken is always ready to help with whatever is needed even if it is not in her job description.
  • Brecken is the reason EHS runs smoothly! If you can't find something, ask Brecken. If something is broken, ask Brecken.
  • She is wonderful, positive, and always willing to help others.
  • Brecken is the hero we need. 
  • I am new to the school and Brecken has been the most helpful in my transition. She balances so many jobs on top of her actual position and has still made time to make sure I am learning what I am unfamiliar with and feel comfortable. I watch her help students & staff above and beyond all day & think she would be a fabulous representation for EHS. 

Former EHS secretary, Missy Passmore said: I am so excited that Brecken was awarded classified employee of the month, I can not think of anyone who deserves this more.  Brecken can literally do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and she does them all with excellence!  She is an organizational queen, always willing to pitch in and do whatever it takes for others to succeed.  She has an amazing talent of weaving together her joyful sense of humor and caring heart where students and staff alike gravitate to her for encouragement and advice.  It really is an honor and a joy to know her, to call her a friend, and to have had the opportunity to work with her.  Congratulations Brecken!

Mrs. Hill:  When I hired Brecken in October 15 years ago, she had never planned to work in a school, and I had no idea that I had just hired someone who would become one of the most important employees on 2 different campuses.  We’ve all heard the term “essential” in reference to employees over the last 18months, well Brecken has been essential for the past 15 years!  Her title at EHS is Student Academic Affairs Coordinator as well as Technology coordinator.  However, her first year at EHS was last year when we issued Chromebooks to every student for the first time.  So, that was never intended to be a big part of her job, but it has become that through necessity and she has never complained, and in fact, how she has organized the process has become how Vartek would like it to be done.   I did not like the way staff attendance was turned into the Central Office when I came to EHS and I asked her to take over that job.  Now, how she does it is how CO wants it done.  Those are two examples of how she rolls. If she is going to do a job, it is going to be done right!  She has helped change the culture in the office as she embodies the belief that even if it is not your job, if it needs to be done, pitch in and help get it done.  She cares about students and staff as individuals and they recognize that in her and respond to her, and sometimes it is the folks who do not respond to most anyone else who respond to her the most.  You may not know that humans can actually have two right arms.  Well, I do!  And Brecken was one of my right arms at BJHS and is now at EHS.  The staff and students of EHS are very pleased that Brecken Perry was selected ESD Classified Employee of the Month.

Brecken Perry, Classified Employee of the Month

Brecken Perry, Certified Employee of the Month

Certified Employee of the Month is La Porsha Carter.

La Porsha has taught special education at EHS for three years.  She is married to Darryl Carter and has  3 children Taylor Carter- 8th grade at Barton, Haylee Carter-4th grade at Hugh Goodwin, and Devin Carter-1st grade at Hugh Goodwin. Mrs. Carter worked 9 years as a Speech Therapist Assistant, providing speech therapy to students K-5 for Camden School District, one year for Junction City Schools, and is in her 3rd year at EHS. She holds a bachelor's degree in Speech Therapy from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, a Master's in School Counseling from Southern Arkansas University, and a Master's in Special Education from Henderson State University. She loves being involved in her church, binge-watching the Hallmark Channel (she loves romance movies), reading anything she can get her hands on, and spending time with her family!

Those nominating her said: Mrs. Carter is an outstanding educator whose specialty is in the Special Education department. Mrs. Carter develops lasting, caring relationships with her students. The students are then compelled to work and to study more diligently.

Mrs. Marlin said: Mrs. Carter is always willing to help even if it's not her case, she will get you to the right person. She is always available for questions and gives you realistic and practical advice.

Mrs. Craig said:  Mrs. Carter exudes a passion for her students which allows her students to feel comfortable in working with her. She is relatable and compassionate to students and colleagues alike. 

Mrs. Smith said: Mrs. Carter is one of our strongest co-teachers.  She is on the move throughout a class period helping any student who may need assistance.  She is proactive for her students and works well with parents too.

Mrs. Welch said: Mrs. La Porsha Carter has become a dear friend of mine through our co-teaching. For the past three years, Mrs. Carter and I have taught together every day for one or two class periods. Mrs. Carter’s professionalism combined with her genuine concern for the students makes her the teacher of the month every day of the year.

Mrs. Hill:   I have been so impressed with Mrs. Carter from the beginning.  She is no-nonsense, but she also has a fun personality!  She works very well with students, staff, and parents.  Every time her name comes up in a conversation with anyone..but especially teachers and parents, they always say, “She is just great!”  Mrs. Carter doesn’t have the luxury of just having “her room” and her students.  She co-teaches with teachers all over the school for the benefit of her students.  And for her, it is about them and they are “her students.”   Teachers don’t always welcome another adult into their classroom, but they all love to have Mrs. Carter with them.  They know she will help the students in their classes with anything needed to help them be successful.  Parents feel that she has their children’s best interests at heart and welcome her input.  The students, staff, and I are excited that La Porsha Carter is Teacher of the Month.

LaPorsha Carter, Certified Employee of the Month

La Porsha Carter, Certified Employee of the Month