woa info

The Application to Request enrollment in the Wildcat Online Academy (WOA) for the second semester is now open.  The deadline to enroll for the second semester is December 2, 2022.  If you wish for your child to be considered for enrollment, please click here to visit the application page.

Applications will be reviewed to determine if the student is eligible to participate in WOA.  Parents will be notified no later than Friday, December 16, if their student’s application has been accepted.

WOA allows ESD students in 5th - 12th grades to choose virtual instruction that is developed and presented through teachers from Flex Point Global.   The curriculum of the WOA will align with state standards to provide a rigorous and robust educational environment for students. Click here to learn more about Flex Point Global.

Please be sure to thoroughly read the Wildcat FAQ Document for more detailed information regarding changes to WOA for the 22-23 school year.

Parents and students who apply for Wildcat Online Academy agree to the requirements of the program as outlined in the WOA Parent/Student Contract.