Quest Guild is a student led group which meets weekly to play Dungeons and Dragons (or DND for short). DND is a roleplaying game where a person creates a character, works with a team, solves problems, and essentially gets to accomplish out-of-this-world tasks in a positive and safe environment.

Quest Guild is sponsored by Ms. Natalye Leake and Mrs. Marlin. Ms. Leake runs a campaign(game) which is open to new players. This campaign contains pre-made characters which make it easier for new members to learn how to play while Ms. Leake can give how-tos and answer questions during the session.

Other campaigns are student led and the setting varies depending on which student is the game master. Sign ups for these games usually take place earlier in the year. Any new members will be up to that game master’s discretion.

We meet weekly on Thursday and Friday from 3:25 - 5:00pm.

  • Students remain in the designated room for the entire time and are not allowed to roam the halls.

  • Students are given time to go to the cafe, bathroom, or fill up water bottles before the sessions begin.